2.11.16 – Tutorial Notes

Having split my fractal model into 3D components, I had been attempting to combine these to create a more tangible space. However, I was finding it difficult to retain the strong language of my previous images.


Ideas from the tutorial were that I should focus on one of these components and how it could be translated spatially. For the final folly I will be developing the spherical component further. The folly could be used to animate the history of the site as well as ideas about time. I will be taking inspiration from orrerys, perhaps creating moving panels – these could be solar powered.

An armillary sphere

The physical folly will also be connected to a virtual space (my infinite fractal model, from which the component forms were created), which could be projected within the inside of the folly space. This could also be powered by the energy generated by the folly.

Another interesting precedent, from Watchmen, was Dr Manhattan’s glass structure, which also refers clearly to the structure of clocks, tying in with the character’s backstory. The forms and movement of both this and machines such as astrolabes, orrerys and armillary spheres will inform the folly. The folly will sit on the Meridian line, further linking to the idea of time.

Dr Manhatten’s structure – Watchmen



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