Thames Barrier and Olympic Park Visit

To gather inspiration for our masterplan, we visited the Thames Barrier Park in Silvertown, Newham and the Olympic Park in Stratford. The landscaping of the Thames Barrier Park was much more formal than the Olympic Park, which was of course designed to accommodate a much higher footfall.

There were a number of points of inspiration that we took from the two parks:

  • We liked the formal landscaping of the Barrier Park and want to create areas of this in our masterplan.
  • The sunken part of the Barrier Park was successful, as well as the walkways above it
  • We could invite artists to create installations for our site. Depending on the length of time our fun palaces remain on the site, new installations could be brought in on rotation as a feature (similar to the Turbine Hall at the Tate).
  • We liked the style of the cafes at both parks
  • The water feature at the Olympic Park encouraged the public to engage with it
  • The existing play area in Millwall Park should be improved
  • There should be seating areas placed strategically in the masterplan
  • A visitor centre would be a good addition to our site

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