Masterplanning Workshop

As a unit we began preparing our urban masterplan, to include the fun palaces and follies. Starting with a map of the Greenwich and Isle of Dogs sites, we marked on the plan key elements of the site that would not be changed, for example buildings such as the Old Royal Naval College and the Queen’s House. We also marked the key transport points, which were Island Gardens, Mudchute and Crossharbour DLR stations, and Greenwich Pier.

We then began organising where our fun palaces and follies would be placed on the site, and discussing landscape and issues such as funding.

The key ideas set out in the discussion were as follows:

  • We will introduce a cable car that connects Greenwich and Crossharbour, which stops off at strategic locations around the fun palaces.
  • A main pathway will be cut into the current boundary between Mudchute Farm and Millwall Park, across the main axis of the masterplan. The boundary between the farm and East Ferry Road will also be cut to create views and smaller pathways.
  • The Asda hypermarket site will be set aside for redevelopment, potentially for a Google campus. This will generate funding for the fun palaces.
  • The fun palaces could be used for education based on innovative technologies, tying in to the campus idea.
  • We discussed whether increased transport services would be needed to accommodate the increased usage of the site, but concluded that the current services were sufficient.

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