12.10.16 Tutorial Recap

The feedback and discussion from this weeks tutorial was as follows:

  • Issues of scale remain – needs to be resolved in order to create the folly
  • The folly looks parasitic, like ivy. Could it cling onto other parts of the site or should it be freestanding?
  • Animation of the system – how does it move and reconfigure itself? Could it respond to people as they move around the space via sensor? Thus the experience of the folly will change each time. The reconfiguration movement of the geometry be based on a precedent from nature
  • Simplify the geometries and choose components to bring into the next development model
  • Contrast between interior and exterior?
  • Elevation from the ground plane


  • Roger Penrose drawings
  • Star Trek: Beyond
  • Philip Beesley – Protocell Mesh
  • Henri Labrouste – Bibliotheque Nationale (mixed qualities of nature and the mechanical)
  • Charles Stross – Accelerando (technological singularity, machines that build themselves and have a desire to consume materials)

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