Photogrammetry Test

It was discussed after the last tutorial that one way of achieving 3D models of the organic shapes from my collage would be to use photogrammetry, ie. using photographs to create a 3D model.

To learn the process, I took a series of photographs around a plant (chosen as it was sufficiently detailed and had organic shapes). I then uploaded the photos to Autodesk ReCap 360 to create a point cloud model of the object.


The model, once rendered, was missing some parts due to some of the photos not being stitched together, and also ran into some other issues. Although I photographed the object on a uniform background, changes in light as I moved around it meant that in some of the photos the background was not recognised to be the same. I also discovered that it is best to place a marker before taking the photographs, in order to allow the software to stitch the images together more accurately. After this test I learnt how to stitch together images manually for the program to add to the model. Despite the process not working as expected, I do quite like the final model, which looks rather surreal.



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