Tutorial Feedback

Tutorial 2 – 5.10.16


After presenting the images in my last post, the feedback was that the folly modelling did not represent the concept images. More suitable modelling tools should be chosen to represent the forms of the collages,and I should experiment with adding different textures to modelled forms. Colour was another key aspect – the inclusion of colour in the imagery would allow the image to be much more visceral, particularly due to the nature of the forms.

One of the reasons the modelling was not successful was because of the ground plane – this was very restrictive, especially at this stage of the process. As the collage was scaleless, attempting to impose it onto a flat plane straight away detracted from the idea, and in hindsight I should have recognised this from the difficulties I had translating the image to a model earlier on in the process. Overall I will be continuing the conceptual work and strengthening it in order to move towards the forms of the final folly.

For the next tutorial, as well as developing the work based on the feedback given, we should also think about location and scale. One point that was brought up about my concept images was that they were scaleless, and the folly could be something that stretched across a large area of the site organically.



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