Rhino Tutorial


In the first tutorial we were given a crash course in Rhino, quickly covering the basics and then learning a more advanced technique of adding a pattern onto an organic shape. This was my third time using Rhino, however I found it fairly simple as it has a number of similarities to other software such as AutoCAD.

We were able to place the pattern onto the surface using the ‘Unroll surface’ and ‘Flow to surface’ commands, and then used the plugin Multiview Capture to export images with transparent backgrounds, although there were some issues with achieving full transparency. We also used Grasshopper to add the pattern to a more complex, irregular curved shape.

Image as exported using MultiView Capture


After the pattern had been created, we used other tools such as bend and twist to manipulate the model.


The Grasshopper plugin enabled us to add the pattern to a more complex geometry. 



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