Canary Wharf Distortion Tests

Using a massing model of Canary Wharf, I applied techniques from previous tests to create an abstract distortion of the buildings on the site. The process involved using the Greeble plugin on the base model, then duplicating the model several times and adjusting parameters within the plugin for each set to add variance, as well as offsetting the position of each layer in the 3D space. This process took precedent from the techniques of Atelier Olschinsky.

Output renders were tested in both hidden line mode (to which colour could be added later) as well as with solid colour applied to each layer of base model. The colour concept was to use two opposite colour layers, plus one darker layer acting as shadow and one white layer acting as highlight.

hidden line 3

hidden line 2

hidden line 4

hidden line 5

render test 1

final 1

final render 2 photoshop.jpg